365 – 2009

Get ready for lots of catching up. I kind of kept up with my “365″ project (a picture a day) but I hadn’t posted them online for a while because so many things were pushed to the back burner.

1. A wedding ceremony photography. I’ve always really liked the colors and lighting in this church.

2. The bride walking outside before the ceremony.

3. A cute little flowergirl.

4. A father/daughter dance during the wedding reception.

5. Should I even try a “What is it?” with this one?

6. It’s too vague to make you guess. It’s the base of a thing I have. I can’t even describe it.

7. What is it?

 365-0711.jpg365-0724.jpg 365-0801.jpg 365-0808.jpg  365-0719.jpg 365-0721.jpg 365-0722.jpg

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