365 – 2009

1. While out in the neighborhoods of Barranquilla, I sometimes see people that I want to photograph. I really enjoyed the colors in this image.

2. Our team spent a day with the medical team and I came upon this moment. Several different doctors were called in to help this lady with her foot and it was very painful for her to endure.

3. While walking through the house after lunch, I saw two of my team members discussing the sharing of their testimony. In case you can’t tell, I really enjoy lighting.

4. Meet Deiner! He’s the little guy that I sponsor through Compassion International. I’ll blog more about it later.

5. I spent a few days at my cousins’s house and had so much fun chasing around with their two dogs, Martina and Leloo. Aren’t they just beautiful?

6. Martina peeks over the gate to the kitchen. She’s a wise old soul.

7. This is my oldest aunt on my mom’s side with her great-grandson.

 365-1027.jpg 365-1028.jpg 365-1029.jpg 365-1031.jpg 365-1101.jpg 365-1102.jpg 365-1103.jpg

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