365 – 2009

1. David and Amy’s proposal the night before Thanksgiving – so fun and exciting! Congrats again!
2. Amanda and Reid’s wedding
3. This flowergirl (and her sister) were keeping warm under their mom’s long jacket.
4. The cutie patootie.
5. Christmas party at Nicci and Monique’s
6. Christmas party with the Impact group, Leslie and Nicci
7. I received a special treat in the mail, peppermint bark. I’d never had this before but wow, yum.
8. One of my favorite shots from Jessica and Kyle’s engagement session.
9. Sweet Berndette gave me this relly pretty hallway light – I just love the redness of it and the patterns it makes on the wall.
10. If you haven’t tried the mint Premium M&Ms, you’re just not living. And they look cool, too. A gift from the M&M store in New York (?)
11. A detail shot from a wedding shot for Perspectives Photography.
12. Mark and Erica’s engagement session
13. Erica and me together
14. Chubby Cheeks and her brothers

365-1129.jpg 365-1204.jpg 365-1205.jpg 365-1210.jpg 365-1211.jpg 365-1212.jpg 365-1215.jpg 365-1216.jpg 365-1217.jpg 365-1218.jpg 365-1219.jpg 365-1220.jpg 365-1221.jpg 365-1222.jpg

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