365 – 2009

1. A VERY yummy gift from Carrie. I couldn’t even wait before taking the picture.
2. I bought this nativity set while in Colombia a few years back and this is the first time I pulled it out. I just love because I think the characters are so cute.
3. One of the giftbags given to me, cute.
4. Brittainy and Mark’s proposal.
5. The heads of the Kirchner clan.
6. From the generations session I did, great-grandmother and great-grandchild.
7. My little cousin
8. The faux-hawk on this little rawker.

365-1224.jpg 365-1225.jpg 365-1226.jpg 365-1227.jpg 365-1228.jpg 365-1229.jpg 365-1230.jpg 365-1231.jpg

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