365 – 2010 April

1. A night shot

2. I recently started making cards for the fun of it and I’m really enjoying myself.

3, 4, 5. These sunflowers brightened my desk for a few days

6. A different angle on the sunflowers

7. And another angle on the sole surviving sunflower

8. I found this guy while I was shooting a session in the park

9, 10. One of my roses from the rose bush I have

11. A shot taken with my friend Erica at her bridal shower. I used a new, fun camera.

12. When this new, fun camera arrived, I found this little guy in the packaging. How fun is that? 365-100408.jpg 365-100411-07.jpg 365-100412-01.jpg 365-100412-02.jpg 365-100412-03.jpg 365-100413.jpg 365-100414.jpg 365-100415.jpg 365-100416-1.jpg 365-100416-2.jpg  365-100418.jpg 365-100418-01.jpg 365-100418-02.jpg

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