365 – 2010 Week 1

I’ve made a good start with my “365″ project for 2010!


1. Our family sat down together to enjoy a home-cooked asian dinner, thanks to my sister.
2. One of my Half Price Books purchases. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I was able to NOT diagnose myself with anything.
3. Just a fun picture.
4. The moon looked really cool that night but this picture didn’t do it justice.
5. Just playing around with ligh.
6. A bunch of metal tins.
7. More metal: what is it?
8. Playing around with an elephant
9. More elephants

365-100101.jpg 365-100102.jpg 365-100103.jpg 365-100104.jpg 365-100105.jpg 365-100106.jpg 365-100107.jpg 365-100108.jpg 365-100109.jpg

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  1. Beautiful work!!

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