Three sweet sisters

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this sweet and loving family as they had their very first professional photography session! Each girl definitely has her own unique personality which we tried to catch but they are really good friends and great sisters to each other. The most interesting thing through this process is that they all speak in Danish to each other beause they are originally from Denmark. How neat is that?

 everts-008b.jpg everts-010b.jpg everts-020b.jpg everts-024b.jpg everts-025b.jpg everts-027b.jpg everts-029b.jpg everts-052b.jpg everts-062b.jpg everts-065b.jpg everts-079b.jpg everts-082b.jpg everts-086b.jpg everts-094b.jpg everts-100b.jpg everts-116b.jpg everts-127b.jpg 

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  1. These pictures are really great Dianna!

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