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Facebook has so many great things about it which includes re-connecting with old friends. Such is the case with my friend Amanda, who is wife and mother to this family. It was such a neat experience to meet her family and to see how sweet her little girls are. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a client more prepared for a photography session - all the outfits were well thought out and also so cute!


A famiy portrait

hoyt-28b.jpg Big sis hoyt-32b.jpg Sweet sisters hoyt-36b.jpg She’s not there yet but this will be her one-year party invitation. They opted for the non-messy birthday cake option. hoyt-41b.jpg hoyt-49b.jpg hoyt-50b.jpg hoyt-59b.jpg Doesn’t she have a great smile! hoyt-68b.jpg Such a big girl! hoyt-70b.jpg 


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