Little Miss A’s One-Year Session

I finally get to meet this little lady! We photographed her big brother (a little Aggie in the making) two years ago when he was a year old and now it’s her turn.

I had a “first” with this session: this was the first time for a child to spit up the oh-so-yummy cake and then start crying. Poor little thing, she just doesn’t like cake!

I promised I wouldn’t say anything, but I will say: “find the light!” “elongate your neck!” ;)

bethancourt-04b.jpg bethancourt-13b.jpg bethancourt-14b.jpg bethancourt-18b.jpg bethancourt-26b.jpg bethancourt-34b.jpg bethancourt-35b.jpg bethancourt-38b.jpg bethancourt-42b.jpg bethancourt-47b.jpg bethancourt-49b.jpg bethancourt-59b.jpg bethancourt-64b.jpg bethancourt-66b.jpg bethancourt-68b.jpg bethancourt-73b.jpg bethancourt-77b.jpg bethancourt-88b.jpg bethancourt-92b.jpg bethancourt-98b.jpg bethancourt-100b.jpg bethancourt-102b.jpg 

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