Evelyn and Sevren’s engagement session

I love when my clients tie in their lives to their engagement sessions. It really personalizes the session for them and it makes their photography session unique. Evelyn and Sevren and I first headed to some horse stables and then ended up at the airport since they are both pilots. How cool is that? evelyn_sevrynE-01b.jpg evelyn_sevrynE-14b.jpg evelyn_sevrynE-20b.jpg evelyn_sevrynE-27b.jpg evelyn_sevrynE-30b.jpg evelyn_sevrynE-33b.jpg evelyn_sevrynE-37b.jpg evelyn_sevrynE-41b.jpg evelyn_sevrynE-45b.jpg evelyn_sevrynE-49b.jpg evelyn_sevrynE-52b.jpg evelyn_sevrynE-54b.jpg evelyn_sevrynE-56b.jpg evelyn_sevrynE-57b.jpg

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  1. This post totally made me smile! Great work :)

  2. Monique M says:

    Love these!! Very very cool!

  3. What a cool session, Dianna. Great locations and great images!

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