Gloria and Mike’s engagement session

Dessert lovers unite!

Because of their engagement session I discovered that Gloria and Mike have the same passion for desserts as I do. And we’re not just talking about enjoying dessert after dinner every once in a while. We go out to eat just to have a specific dessert at a specific place. Yeah, we’re crazy like that and I’m so glad to have found people that understand me in this way :)

 gloria_mikeE-09b.jpg gloria_mikeE-26b.jpg gloria_mikeE-34b.jpg gloria_mikeE-46b.jpg gloria_mikeE-50b.jpg gloria_mikeE-56b.jpg gloria_mikeE-57b.jpg gloria_mikeE-61b.jpg gloria_mikeE-64b.jpg gloria_mikeE-70b.jpg gloria_mikeE-71b.jpg gloria_mikeE-76b.jpg gloria_mikeE-77b.jpg

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