Houston Engagement session | Alisa and Atwell

It was such a pleasure to photograph Alisa and Atwell for their engagement session. They were referred to me by a mutual friend and I have to thank him for sending such lovely people my way! One of Alisa and Atwell’s main requests was to make the session personalized to really bring out their personalities and that’s what I try to do with each session anyways so it worked out perfectly.

A few thoughts from Alisa and Atwell:

What was your favorite part of the session?
Alisa: I liked getting my hair and makeup done for the session!  I have never really done that and I thought I looked great!
Atwell: I liked going to the different locations.  It gave us an opportunity to show the many facets of us and our relationship.

Which part were you looking forward to the most?
Alisa: I was most looking forward to the running group pictures.  Houston Fit is how we met and we wanted pictures that show how special that is to us!
Atwell: I agree, but I still liked the cake! :-)

When you look at the pictures, how do they make you feel?
Alisa: The pictures make me feel blessed!  You captured the essence of our love and now people will be able to see that through your work!
Atwell: In addition to feeling blessed, they make me feel happy!  Laughter and fun is a key ingredient in our relationship, and the pictures captured that.

Which one is your favorite image?
Alisa: I have many favorites my top 2 are the ones with us laying down on the ground surrounded by leaves and the ones with our images reflected off of the water!  That was pretty cool!
Atwell: I agree.

Any recommendations to future engagement-session clients?
Alisa: I would recommend that future clients trust your abilities as a photographer and relax and have fun!  That is what we did and the pictures came out beyond our expectations!
Atwell: Wholeheartedly agree!! Oh yeah, and don’t look at you while you think!! :-)   (Editor’s note: it’s hard for me to think about an idea during sessions when people are staring at me – Thanks, Atwell, for not staring anymore!)

One of their favorite places to go to is the Dessert Gallery in Houston and in fact, they’re ordering their cake from there! So they ordered a piece of their cake and just had fun feeding each other. I love the colors in this place!
alisaatwellE-05b.jpg alisaatwellE-13b.jpg alisaatwellE-24b.jpg

As mentioned, Alisa and Atwell met through a running group called Houston Fit.alisaatwellE-31b.jpg

They are both veterans: Atwell was in the Air Force and Alisa was in the Army.
alisaatwellE-47b.jpg alisaatwellE-51b.jpg alisaatwellE-55b.jpg alisaatwellE-56b.jpg

They really like to laugh and joke around!
alisaatwellE-68b.jpg alisaatwellE-89b.jpg

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