Houston Engagement Session | Dawn and Ryan

I always love shooting in new locations which is how we started Dawn and Ryan’s engagement session. And even more than shooting in new locations, I love using quirky little spots and creating fun locations. And I’m so thankful that Dawn and Ryan allowed me to try different things and play around with the ideas. I loved that they brought their kanine kiddos to be included, too!!


A few words from Dawn and Ryan:

What was your favorite part of the session? Our favorite part of the session was getting to take some pictures with our dogs. We could never imagine doing this ourselves as they like to go off in three different directions. So we were very happy to get the whole family in the picture.

What were you looking forward to the most? We were excited to see how the caricatures would fit into the photos. It’s a tradition of ours to get these done in all of the places we visit, so they have special meaning to us.

When you look at the pictures, how do they make you feel? They make us feel fantastic because it makes our wedding day seem that much closer and that much more real!

Which one is your favorite image? The one where you were taking the picture from above while in the parking lot of the place that we consider “our” place.

Any recommendations or advice to future engagement-session clients? (i.e. relax more, bring more clothing options, get hair and make-up done, laugh more….) It’s best to just be yourselves and relaxed from the beginning of the session. We got that way toward the end of our session and the photos came out great!


Dawn and Ryan's engagement session

Dawn and Ryan's engagement session

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