Mariana and Juan Carlos’s engagement session

Mariana and Juan Carlos and I met up for their engagement session on a warm afternoon and they were so fun and engaging from the start. They didn’t need any time to warm up for the camera – they were cute and flirty almost immediately. I’m so pleased with the results of their photography session!

Word on the streets has it that Juan Carlos was in a gang when he was a teenager. A dancing gang. Or something like that. The details are vague but there may have also been grafitti involved. True story. Cross my heart.


 mariana_juancarlosE-12b.jpg mariana_juancarlosE-21b.jpg mariana_juancarlosE-27b.jpg mariana_juancarlosE-28b.jpg mariana_juancarlosE-34b.jpg mariana_juancarlosE-45b.jpg mariana_juancarlosE-49b.jpg mariana_juancarlosE-52b.jpg mariana_juancarlosE-65b.jpg mariana_juancarlosE-67b.jpg mariana_juancarlosE-76b.jpg

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  1. Veni Hardy says:

    Great, great pictures…you are GOOD!!!

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