Barranquilla 2009 Part 1

It’s taken me a long time to finally get a chance to look at my pictures from my trip to Colombia in October/November so over the next few days I’ll be uploading several things.

These are the first half of just a handful that I took while on a missions trip in Barranquilla.

1. These were several of the kids from the church we visited on Sunday morning.
2. He’s quite a character!  
3. I loved the colors and playfulness of this scene.
4. Such a ham!
5. And such a sweetie.
6. This little guy didn’t talk much but he was always hung out with us and was ready to play.
7. The medical team gets ready for their day before the clinic opens.
8. Two doctors discuss a patient’s x-rays.
9. I felt real bad for this patient because she was in a lot of pain and several doctors and nurses were brought in to help out.
10. A patient peeks inside.
11. The waiting line.
               barranquilla09-009b.jpg barranquilla09-021.jpg barranquilla09-024b.jpg barranquilla09-025b.jpg barranquilla09-032b.jpg barranquilla09-033b.jpg barranquilla09-040b.jpg barranquilla09-044b.jpg barranquilla09-051.jpg barranquilla09-060b.jpg barranquilla09-065b.jpg

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  1. Nice photographs – showing another side of the city. Most tourists just get to see from El Prado northwards up to Buenavista which is on the face of it very affluent and not what many expect to find in Colombia, they don’t need to leave their comfort zone. I must admit myself I rarely go to El Centro, Santo Domingo, La Luz, La Paz etc. and I wouldn’t suggest that tourists hang out in those locations either. It is amazing though that the people are so happy and friendly.

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