Barranquilla 2009 Part 2

1. One of the patients waiting at the pharmacy
2. This is Moses. He was my wonderful helper that day and such sweet kid.
3. Some of the local kids. They tried quizzing me on my English just to make sure I did actually speak English.
4. This is Dr. Randy in his “consultation room.” 
5. The same kids and a few more. They knew the colors in English except they were stumped on “white.” Then they cheated by asking someone from our team.
6. Moses’ family
7. Sitting down for our lunch break.
8. I don’t even know what to say about this kid. He couldn’t tell us his name, and didn’t know his age. It seems he’s dropped off each day on the street with his two siblings and they have to fend for themselves.
9. Ivan and Jason take a few minutes to discuss how they were going to work together during the afternoon service.
10. If you know Dr. Mark, then I don’t really need to explain this picture. And if you don’t know him, then I don’t know how to explain this picture, either. Um…yeah……
11. This is Deiner, my Compassion International child! 
barranquilla09-086b.jpg barranquilla09-090b.jpg barranquilla09-092b.jpg barranquilla09-095b.jpg barranquilla09-100b.jpg barranquilla09-108b.jpg barranquilla09-115b.jpg barranquilla09-116b.jpg barranquilla09-119.jpg barranquilla09-148b.jpg barranquilla09-172.jpg

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