My precious friend’s little newborn

Lauri has been a sweet friend of mine since we met on a study abroad trip to Greece and Turkey while in college and I love that we’ve stayed in touch over the years. It’s also been so wonderful to watch her become a mother and to see her love these two beautiful little ones. So I drove up to College Station to photograph her sweet newborn girl and the older brother along with mom and dad. What a beautiful family!! static_uri=%2Fdarkroom%2Fmt%2Fmt%2Dstatic%2F&data=%2Fdarkroom%2Fblog%2Fblogshow%2F4b2847525a952%2Fimage%2Etable%2Edat&slideshow=1&ssr=1&autofit=0&show_width=970&show_height=580&background_color=transparent&thumbnail_border_thickness=5&thumbnail_border_color=%23FFFFFF&thumbnail_highlight_color=%23993300&thumbnail_alignment=right&thumbnail_width=100&thumbnail_height=100

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  1. ugh…I just love babies! You capture their sweetness so well!

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