Houston newborn photography | Baby Gress

Daisy is quite a popular character on my blog but now there’s someone new in the spotlight! Yes, a little one was born and she was so sleepy and sweet during her photography session. 

 gress-01b.jpg gress-04b.jpg gress-13b.jpg gress-15b.jpg gress-19b.jpg gress-28b.jpg gress-33b.jpg gress-37b.jpg gress-42b.jpg gress-45b.jpg gress-53b.jpg gress-55b.jpg gress-57b.jpg gress-58b.jpg gress-59b.jpg gress-68b.jpg gress-69b.jpg gress-75b.jpg 

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  1. I hereby dub thee queen of the newborn session! I tried my hand the other day & my dear, you truly have a gift!!! (btw… LOVIN’ the BIG pictures!!!! yay!)

  2. These are more beautiful than words

  3. just looking at these at work and smiling! so great.

  4. aunt lory says:

    Oh, she is absolutely adorable and what great first pictures! We can not wait to meet her!

  5. Amy and Ben ~ what a beautiful baby. I loved all the pics. Can’t wait to see her and hold her.

  6. Ashley is PERFECT and you all look great. I am so happy for you :)

  7. What a great & adorable session. Great running into you in Vegas. Come by the studio sometime.

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