Houston newborn photography | Little Kelley T

Welcome the newest addition to the Kelley family! Soon enough she’ll be playing alongside her big brother and taking his toys but he doesn’t know it yet. Mom and dad and grandparents were all there for her first photoshoot just like they were there for big brother’s arrival to this world. I can’t wait to watch her grow as I did with her brother!
KelleyT-04.jpg KelleyT-11.jpg KelleyT-16.jpg KelleyT-22.jpg KelleyT-25.jpg KelleyT-27b.jpg KelleyT-34.jpg KelleyT-37.jpg KelleyT-39.jpg KelleyT-56.jpg KelleyT-59.jpg KelleyT-68.jpg KelleyT-74.jpg KelleyT-87.jpg KelleyT-90.jpg KelleyT-91.jpg KelleyT-98b.jpg 

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