Chubby Chubby Cheeks!

  You just want to pinch those cheeks!! My college friends called me to photograph their family and especially this cute little newborn. How could I resist? The brothers wanted in on the action and even dragged out musical instruments and basically put on a concert for us, all with the intention of getting baby sister’s attention so she would look towards the camera. Hilarious!

  On a separate day, we did a second session as a gift to her family – the four generations. Sadly, there were no impromptu outdoor concerts during this second session. kinsel1-09b.jpgkinsel1-12b.jpg kinsel1-16b.jpg kinsel1-19b.jpg kinsel1-22b.jpg kinsel1-27b.jpg kinsel1-33b.jpg kinsel1-38b.jpg kinsel1-43b.jpg kinsel1-44b.jpg kinsel1-46b.jpg kinsel1-50b.jpg kinsel1-53b.jpg kinsel1-59b.jpg kinsel1-61b.jpg kinsel1-62b.jpg kinsel1-68b.jpg kinsel1-71b.jpg kinsel1-75b.jpg kinsel1-84b.jpg kinsel2-01.jpg kinsel2-06.jpg kinsel2-10.jpg kinsel2-12.jpg kinsel2-15.jpg kinsel2-32.jpg kinsel2-35.jpg 

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