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Meet the newest member of my house church! Before to long he’ll be running around with the other kiddos in the group. We did his newborn photography session at home so that he would be more comfortable and he was quite a trooper! I heard about his birth today while he was in the office and I’m so glad that everything ended up great in the end and that he’s a sweet healthy little boy!

Lately I’ve been asked some questions about newborn photography sessions, and in particular the question has been, “When do you shoot newborn portrait sessions?”, or “How soon do you photograph them?”

Simply the answer is, “As soon as possible.” I feel that in order to capture the “newbornness” (I’m sure that’s a word in Webster’s…) I like to have them small and sleepy which is how you’ll remember this early stage of their life.

newborn photography session in the Woodlands

newborn baby session in the Woodlands, Texas

infant photography session in Houston

newborn photography session in the Woodlands

newborn photography session in the Woodlands

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