Cypress senior photography | Marielle

I love photographing high school seniors and I love it even more when they personalize their session. I met Marielle and her mother and I could immediately tell they were going to make the session special. We ended up at two different places with several horses on hand. Yes, the horses were beautiful, but Marielle’s eyes are amazing! Ladies, thanks for a great session!

 Lambrou-10b.jpg Lambrou-15b.jpg Lambrou-18b.jpg Lambrou-26.jpg Lambrou-36b.jpg Lambrou-37b.jpg Lambrou-40b.jpg Lambrou-44b.jpg Lambrou-46b.jpg Lambrou-49b.jpg Lambrou-53b.jpg Lambrou-57b.jpg Lambrou-59b.jpg Lambrou-65b.jpg Lambrou-67b.jpg Lambrou-69b.jpg Lambrou-70b.jpg 

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  1. She is gorgeous… you did an amazing job!!

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