The Woodlands senior photography | Zane

My latest trend lately has been to photograph the younger sibling after photographing the older one two years ago and the same is true for Zane. I first met his family when we photographed his older sister Anna’s senior session two years ago and now it’s Zane’s turn.
If you follow me on twitter then you may recall that I mentioned one of his recent achievements: “Have to brag: one of my high school senior clients placed 25th in the world level Irish dance competition in Scotland. So proud!” You can see him in action in a few of his shots down below.
They’re such a fun family to work with and now I’m sad that there are no more seniors left in their family to photograph :( Maybe Wonton wants some headshots?? ;)

glotzbach-05b.jpg glotzbach-08b.jpg glotzbach-10b.jpg glotzbach-17b.jpg glotzbach-18b.jpg glotzbach-20b.jpg glotzbach-21b.jpg glotzbach-26b.jpg glotzbach-29b.jpg glotzbach-35b.jpg glotzbach-40b.jpg glotzbach-43b.jpg glotzbach-45b.jpg Karelle Photography website

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