Houston Family Photography | Vanstein Family

We’ve seen lots of the little ones on the blog but now it’s time for the grown-ups to have their turn. This family photography session was given as a gift to the grandparents for Christmas – not a bad idea! We met up at Hermann Park and captured several family group photographs but I’m sure you’re more interested in seeing some of the moments captured in between. These kiddos kept everyone entertained!


They love their little princess vainstein-010b.jpg

Someone didn’t want to be in the picture….. vainstein-020b.jpg

And now two someones didn’t want to be in the picture. vainstein-038b.jpg vainstein-063b.jpg

And now play time for the aunt and uncles vainstein-081b.jpg vainstein-089b.jpg vainstein-094b.jpg vainstein-098b.jpg

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Houston Family Photography | Hale Family

As a result of many friends coming together, the Hale family received a family photography session as a gift. Mom is a dance teacher (remember Zane and his Irish dancing? She’s his teacher!) and Dad is now being deployed for a lengthy amount of time. So her students and their families decided to gift them with a family session before Dad left and these are the results. What a thoughtful thing to do!


hale-01b.jpg hale-08b.jpg hale-09b.jpg hale-20b.jpg hale-28b.jpg hale-36b.jpg hale-38b.jpg hale-40b.jpg

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Party for Layla – Guerra

It was an honor to participate in the fund-raising photography event held for Layla Grace and her family. Several families in the area came together to help out by signing up for photography sessions that were given by local photographers.


 Guerra-11b.jpg Guerra-22b.jpg Guerra-36b.jpg Guerra-40b.jpg Guerra-42b.jpg Guerra-49b.jpg

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Hastings Baby session

It’s such a joy to see this little guy because I knew his parents when I photographed their wedding two and a half years ago. I was so excited when they called to tell me they had a baby! He’s such a little cutie and he has the best expressions. I’m so glad to finally meet this little guy!
hastings-01b.jpg hastings-06b.jpg hastings-10b.jpg hastings-19b.jpg hastings-27b.jpg hastings-31b.jpg hastings-32b.jpg hastings-35b.jpg hastings-41b.jpg
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More Christmas sessions


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