Could this wedding be more perfect??

There are a few things to top a photographer’s dream list and Heather and Brandon surely gave me one of those things when they told me that I had as much time as I wanted to photograph them! *sigh* It makes me happy. Enjoy their images and thanks so much to Heather and Brandon and their family and friends for such a great day and for making us feel so, so very welcome. static_uri=%2Fdarkroom%2Fmt%2Fmt%2Dstatic%2F&data=%2Fdarkroom%2Fblog%2Fblogshow%2F4b0bdf74ad085%2Fimage%2Etable%2Edat&slideshow=1&ssr=1&autofit=0&show_width=1000&show_height=600&background_color=transparent&thumbnail_border_thickness=5&thumbnail_border_color=%23FFFFFF&thumbnail_highlight_color=%23993300&thumbnail_alignment=right&thumbnail_width=100&thumbnail_height=100

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  1. GOOD GHANDI, GIRLFRIEND!!! YOU ROCKED these guys outta the WATER!!! I see some WPPI submissions in your future! Congrats on a fantastic job!!! :)

  2. Twila Sanders says:

    This is exactly the reason no other photographer would do for us……we even changed the date of the wedding to ensure Dianna would be able to bring her unique gift to my daughter’s special day. We are so pleased (blown away) with the pictures….we love Dianna….She really does ROCK!

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