Estes Park Wedding | Amy and David, Part 1

I’m so excited to finally show you the images from Amy and David’s wedding that took place in Estes Park. It’s always a treat for a photographer to shoot a wedding at a new location, especially when it’s in the mountains of Colorado! You may remember Amy and David from last year when I secretly photographed David’s proposal to Amy. After months of planning we all came together for a few days in Estes Park to celebrate their marraige. There was so much to do in the days we spent there: golfing, shopping, hiking, eating, rehearsing, marrying…..the list is endless! Enjoy these first few images. The rest are coming!


Welcome to Estes Park! amy_david003b.jpg amy_david004b.jpg David and the guys spent three days playing golf! amy_david009b.jpg Amy and David went early in the morning to get their marriage license. And we found out that in Colorado you can marry people that are related to you, starting with your first cousin. You learn something new every day! amy_david016b.jpg Yay! Technically married! amy_david018b.jpg The little ring bearer amy_david051b.jpg David and his best man during the rehearsal amy_david069b.jpg Amy’s dad has his eye on David. Be afraid. Be very afraid! amy_david075b.jpg amy_david077b.jpg amy_david079b.jpg I think he still has his eye on David… amy_david094b.jpg This is the moment when Amy’s mom realized she’s going to be a grandmother again! She’s holding the ultrasound image in her hand. amy_david153b.jpg amy_david163b.jpg Everyone was surprised by the news! amy_david169b.jpg

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