Galveston Wedding at the Tremont Hotel | Gloria and Mike, Part 2

Enjoy these images from the small photography session we did with Gloria and Mike on the beach in between the ceremony and the reception. I definitely recommend doing what Gloria and Mike did by allowing extra time for photography of just the two of them because it not only gave me a chance to do something beautiful for them but it also gave them a little bit of time to relax and enjoy being together on such a hectic day. I would like to thank Monique for her help on Gloria and Mike’s wedding day. It’s always great working with someone I can really count on to make my clients’s day even better. Tomorrow we’ll finish off with the rest of the wedding day.

gloria_mike 399b.jpg gloria_mike 400b.jpg gloria_mike 405b.jpg gloria_mike 411b.jpg gloria_mike 420b.jpg gloria_mike 422b.jpg gloria_mike 427b.jpg gloria_mike 429b.jpg gloria_mike 436b.jpg gloria_mike 439b.jpg gloria_mike 446b.jpg gloria_mike 448b.jpg gloria_mike 461b.jpg gloria_mike 468b.jpg

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