Houston Wedding at Treebeards | Stephanie and Brian, Part 2

Stephanie and Brians’s Wedding Day, Part 2

Houston, Texas

Nothing at all makes me happier than when a wedding client actually books their wedding venue based on my availability AND chooses the ceremony time based on the perfect time for wedding portraits!! After Stephanie and Brian’s beautiful ceremony we spent a good amount of time together for their portraits.

The reception took place at Treebeards in downtown Houston and gave the ceremony a beautiful rustic look. One unique thing about the reception was the cookies that guests took home because each bag had a star to represent Stephanie’s Texas background and a maple leaf to represent Brian’s background.┬áThe other thing that made the day personal and unique was the involvement of so many friends and family, each adding his or her own personal touch.

For all future clients: this is the ideal way to do it! Schedule some time to allow for wedding portraits. You’ll love the results, I promise!

Thanks to Monique for her help shooting that day!


Stephanie and Brian's wedding day, portraits

Wedding portraits, Stephanie and Brian

Stephanie and Brian's wedding day, reception

Reception, Stephanie and Brian


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