New Caney Wedding | Evelyn and Sevren, Part 1

I had been looking forward to Evelyn and Sevren’s French Chateau themed wedding for quite some time. They first appeared on the blog for their engagement photography session back in June and I couldn’t wait to see what was planned for the big day. Thankfully the rain held back and allowed Evelyn and Sevren to have their beautiful intimate ceremony followed by a fun reception. A huge thanks to Kelli for her help with the wedding!


A few details from the wedding. evelyn_sevren001b.jpg evelyn_sevren002b.jpg evelyn_sevren007b.jpg evelyn_sevren012b.jpg evelyn_sevren018b.jpg evelyn_sevren030b.jpg evelyn_sevren043b.jpg The dress and shoes evelyn_sevren054b.jpg evelyn_sevren056b.jpg The bride getting ready evelyn_sevren065b.jpg evelyn_sevren079b.jpg evelyn_sevren088b.jpg evelyn_sevren090b.jpg evelyn_sevren097b.jpg evelyn_sevren099b.jpg evelyn_sevren101b.jpg evelyn_sevren107b.jpg evelyn_sevren110b.jpg evelyn_sevren111b.jpg
The groom and groomsmen getting ready
evelyn_sevren140b.jpg evelyn_sevren153b.jpg evelyn_sevren157b.jpg evelyn_sevren169b.jpg 


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