A Houston wedding at the Bell Tower on 24th | Robin and Ryan, Part 2

These are the rest of the images from Robin and Ryan’s beautiful wedding. The guests thoroughly enjoyed taking their turn in the photobooth and they also enjoyed watching the Newlywed Game.

Robin and Ryan, thanks so much for having me as part of your day! It was such an honor.

Those strawberries look delicious!

robin_ryan274b.jpg robin_ryan279b.jpg robin_ryan281b.jpg robin_ryan314b.jpg robin_ryan384b.jpg robin_ryan385b.jpg robin_ryan387b.jpg

The newlywed game was funny and sweet to watch. robin_ryan404b.jpg

Thanks to Carolyn for this shot. robin_ryan415b.jpg

“Staying alive, staying alive, ah, ah, ah, ah, staying alive!” robin_ryan421b.jpg robin_ryan422b.jpg robin_ryan475b.jpg

One last kiss before leaving. robin_ryan479b.jpg robin_ryan484b.jpg robin_ryan491b.jpg

The final goodbye. robin_ryan500b.jpg 

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